To Ally Technology, Nature and Society for integrated urban water management


We use cities water resources to secure regulatory ecosystem services, enable Nature-Based Solutions and increase adaptability to global changes.


The project merges together three approaches in order to create a new value and stimulate innovation process in three domains: scientific, societal and implementation


Research tackles two pillars of water management: 1. Modelling of water dynamics in catchments and options to influence it with collaboratively designed NBS, and 2. Dynamics of stakeholder interactions in the context of societal / administrative / legal / economic conditions.

Capacity building

The learning alliance approach, originating from area of water conflict resolution, opens a way for mutual learning among civilians, decision makers, engineers and academics, breaking the communication and value barriers, and opening a deliberative process for envisioning of targets


Small scale participatory implementations are to strengthen mutual learning process and reveal leadres, means, and options enabling upscaling of NBS in ATENAS cities


To overview, select, co-design and re-design of NBS able to address two aspects of water gap – quantity and quality – in the context of city gradients (reflecting density of population and infrastructure)
To develop scenarios for implementation of NBS in partner demonstration sites, based on running pilot projects, and modelling their effect based on upscaling, diversification and replication;

To secure the continuation of the approach beyond ATeNaS lifetime by identifying, supporting and building the capacity of local leaders in mutual learning process.


ATENAS: its stakeholders, destinations and work in progress


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